Trimmings should correspond in fineness with the material on which they are placed; they should be simple in design and sparingly used. A very little good lace is far better than a great deal of cheap lace.

Laces (Edges, Insertions, Headings)

The following laces are satisfactory for undergarments:

1. Valenciennes, or " Val," a fine cotton lace made by hand and imitated by machine. It may be made with a round mesh, German Val; a diamond mesh, French Val; or a square mesh, Fillet Val. Valenciennes laces are suitable for nainsook or fine linen undergarments, but they do not wear very well when used with heavier materials. In general, round and diamond mesh laces wear better than do square mesh laces.

2. Cluny, a linen lace made by hand and imitated by machine, varying in fineness of thread and design. Cluny laces are suitable for nainsook, linen, and cambric undergarments; the heavier qualities may be used on heavier materials. They are very durable.

3. Torchon, a linen lace made by hand and machine, suitable for all kinds of undergarments and very durable.

4. Crochet, a handmade lace of cotton or linen thread of varying degrees of fineness. Certain typical patterns made in Ireland are called Irish crochet. Crocheted laces are suitable for fine undergarments when made of fine thread and in dainty design. Clumsy, coarse yokes and edges of poor design are unattractive, particularly when seen through sheer outer garments; they are too rough to be comfortable when used on a nightgown.

5. Fillet, a square-mesh, linen, handmade lace, imitated by machine. It is suitable for fine undergarments.

6. Footing, a net trimming with finished edges like insertion. It is suitable for casings on fine underwear.

Tatting is a hand trimming made with a shuttle from thread of varying degrees of fineness. It is an attractive trimming for simple undergarments.

Embroideries (Edges, Insertions, Headings)

Embroideries of various kinds are suitable for any type of undergarment. Entre-deux is a seam beading.

Bias Hands, Bindings, And Facings

Plain, inexpensive, durable trimming may be made of bias bands, bindings and facings.


Featherstitched finishing braid or scalloped braid makes a simple, effective trimming for plain undergarments.

Hand Embroidery

French embroidery, or satin stitch, and decorative stitches, such as featherstitching, chainstitching, and the like, may be used oh fine linen or nainsook undergarments when time is not an object.

Machine Hemstitching

Machine hemstitching is effective for sewing in yokes, holding gathers in place, and the like. It is done at most sewing machine agencies for a small price a yard.