Popovers are best if baked in iron or pottery. Tin may be used, but it is not so satisfactory. Iron baking pans should be heated before the batter is poured into them.

Muffins may be baked in either iron or tin baking pans.

Cake is best baked in tins. The tube pan allows a current of hot air to rise through the center of the cake, and hence promotes even baking. A broad, shallow pan generally gives a lighter, drier cake than does a deep narrow pan.

Biscuits may be baked on tin or on Russia iron sheets.


The baking pans should be greased before the ingredients are combined. The fat should be melted, and applied to the pans with a soft piece of paper, a swab, or a brush kept for the purpose. The product may often be prevented from sticking by lightly sprinkling the greased pan with flour, inverting it, and tapping it to remove any excess.