Heavy absorbent brown paper, on a roller, such as is used in meat markets, is a great kitchen help. In breading cutlets or making croquettes, for example, the table or the rolling board may be covered with paper and the bread crumbs emptied on it. After the croquettes are breaded, the crumbs may be removed and the same paper used for draining the croquettes when they are fried. It may afterwards be folded up and burned, or given as a titbit to the chickens, in either case saving the washing of a mixture of egg and bread crumbs from the rolling board.

Waxed paper, so essential for putting up lunches, lining cake tins, and covering food in the refrigerator, may also be obtained on rollers or in sheets.

Covered paper pails, lined with waxed paper, are useful for storing dry left-overs. Paper cups, plates, and napkins are a welcome help in the picnic lunch or the grange supper. The plates may be bought with linings, or "insets," which may be replaced by clean ones for a second course. Folding paper cups should be a part of every school lunch or traveler's outfit.

Fiber pails, washbowls, and tubs are useful because of their lightness, and with careful handling they will last a long time. Breaks in the finish may be mended by filling with a little putty, covering this with a piece of stout cotton cloth, and holding the whole together with oil paint to match the finish.