A nightgown with a high neck and long sleeves may have the fullness set into a yoke, which may be decorated with tucks, featherstitching, and the like. The neck may be finished with a small collar having a featherstitched hem. The placket or front closing should be about 12 inches long. The sleeves may be gathered into a band at the wrist.

A shaped band may be used around the neck and down the front closing, and the sleeves may be gathered into a band. A small collar may be finished with a narrow ruffle of embroidery and cuffs made to correspond.

Finishes for lower edges of drawers (Fig. 92).

The lower edges of drawers may be finished with a narrow hem and lace edge; a narrow hem, insertion, and edge; a wider hem, with lace insertion set in above the hem; a featherstitched or fagoted hem, shaped or plain; a scalloped finishing braid; tucks and lace or a hem; a shaped facing; a casing for ribbon to be drawn up like bloomers; ruffles of embroidery edge or of the material finished in any of the ways just suggested, applied with seam beading or a tuck finish.

Plate XIV

Plate XIV

Finishes for nightgowns.

Fig. 92

Fig. 92. - Methods of finishing the bottom of drawers. Left, simple embroidery ruffle set on with seam binding; right, ruffle with featherstitched hem and lace edge.

Fig. 94

Fig. 94. - Sateen underskirt with cotton-Fig. 93. - Methods of finishing the bottom of backed satin flounce an underskirt. Left, tucked flounce; right, finished with sealtucked flounce with embroidery edge. loped facing.