Cottage Cheese. Use sour milk that has set. Other ingredients: salt to taste, cayenne pepper or paprika, if liked. Quality and flavor are improved by the addition of a table-spoonful of butter or two tablespoonfuls of cream to a pint of the curd, but these are not necessary.

Warm the milk slowly, until the whey begins to separate from the curd. If this process is continued too long, and the milk becomes hot, the curd will be tough. Place a piece of cheesecloth over a bowl, pour in the curds and whey, and lift the cloth carefully, allowing the whey to run through. Squeeze out the remaining whey. Add the seasoning and other ingredients to the curd, shape in balls, and chill before serving. It is delicious served with lettuce and dressing as a salad, or with gingerbread for dessert at luncheon or supper. Principles of cooking cheese. - The fat in the cheese is melted by heat. The protein is toughened by a high temperature, therefore a low temperature process should be used.