Whole Apples Baked, Without Skin. A good method when skins are tough.

(1) Remove core and pare.

(2) Place in earthen baking dish. The remainder of the process is the same.

(3) Serve in the dish in which they are baked.

(4) Currant jelly, or seeded raisins may be placed in the core holes instead of sugar.

Class Experiment

Bake side by side two apples of uniform size, one with, one without, the skin. Note carefully the length of time for baking each. What difference? Why is this? It may be necessary in the school kitchen to bake in a quick oven, on account of the shortness of the class period. It does not spoil the apple to do this; but the longer process that you can use at home gives a richer color and flavor.

For this experiment, one pupil may bake the apple without the skin, and the next pupil one with the skin in case there is but one apple apiece; or it may be made a class experiment with two apples.