For preparing and mixing.

1 can opener.

1 corkscrew.

1 vegetable knife, pointed.

1 steel table knife, broad blade.

1 meat knife and fork. 1 bread knife, or slicer. 1 small meat axe. 1 knife sharpener.

1 Teacher's Note

A good way to study utensils is to begin with the school kitchen equipment. Utensils for the home kitchen can be listed in the notebook, as these are used in the school kitchen, having the list grow by degrees throughout the year. For reference, have a price list and illustrated catalogue from some good firm.

Utensils For preparing and mixing

1 3-bladed chopping knife, or meat grinder.

1 apple corer.

2 plated or steel forks, table.

1 long-handled fork, three-pronged.

1 palette knife.

1 pair heavy scissors.

1 set skewers.

1 large mixing spoon, enamel ware.

6 plated tablespoons, or German silver.

6 plated teaspoons, or German silver.

1 saltspoon, bone.

1 wooden spatula.

1 Dover egg beater, large size.

1 wire egg beater.

1 wire potato masher.

1 colander.

1 wire strainer.

1 wire strainer, cup size.

1 flour sifter.

1 flour dredger.

1 salt shaker.

1 coffee mill.

1 grater.

1 nutmeg grater.

1 glass lemon squeezer.

1 large mixing bowl for bread.

1 medium bowl for cake.

2 pint bowls.

1 quart measure.

1 half pint measuring cup.

1 molding board.

1 rolling pin.

1 meat board.

1 or 2 plates.

1 or 2 china molds.

1 kitchen scales.

Other conveniences.

6 small hand towels. Towel racks. 1 high stool.

1 or 2 comfortable chairs. A clock.

Sheets of paper, tissue and heavier.

Heavy linen thread and large needle. Ball of soft, strong twine. A shelf for cook books.

Utensils For stewing, steaming, and boiling

(Sizes dependent on number in family.)

1 teakettle, enamel or aluminium. 1 double-boiler, enamel ware. 1 pint saucepan, enamel covered.

1 or 2 stewpans, enamel covered. 1 kettle, covered. 1 steamer.

Utensils For broiling, pan broiling, the saute, and frying

(Broiler and toaster supplied with gas range.)

1 wire toaster.

1 heavy wire broiler.

1 frying pan, with lip, steel or iron. 1 frying kettle and basket.

Utensils For roasting, braising, and baking

(Roasting pan provided with gas range.)

1 roasting pan, covered, steel or iron.

1 or 2 heavy earthen pots, covered.

1 baking pan for fish, iron, or heavy earthenware.

2 or 3 bread pans (for loaf cake also).

1 shallow pan for cake. 1 muffin pan.

1 flat cooky tin.

3 round pans, for layer cake, enamel.

2 pie pans.

2 or 3 pitchers.

6-12 heavy earthen cups, for popovers and custards. 2 round baking dishes, earthen or enamel.

Utensils For holding food materials

A few cheap saucers, plates, and bowls for food in the refrigerator.

Bins for flour, meals, and sugar.

A dozen glass wide-mouthed preserving jars.

Jelly glasses for spices, etc. Tin boxes can be kept for such purposes.

(Use gummed labels on these jars and glasses.)

Utensils For washing dishes

1 dishpan, enamel. 1 shallow rinsing pan.

1 soap shaker.

2 soap dishes.

1 shaker for washing powder.

6 glass towels.

6 heavier towels.

6 loose weave dishcloths.