Use left-over, cooked meat. Cut the meat into dice or small bits and fill the dish. Sprinkle with salt and moisten with gravy, if possible. If not, add 1 cup hot water and dredge lightly with flour. Have top crust only.

How would the time for cooking this pie compare with that for deep apple pie?


1. What are the chief ingredients of batter mixtures and doughs ?

2. Explain leavening by air.

3. Why is steam a leavening agent ?

4. How is gas formed for leavening purposes ?

5. How does the presence of butter or other fat affect the stiffness of a mixture?

6. What are the important points to remember in mixing ingredients ?

7. Why are baking-powder biscuits mixed differently from pop-overs ?

8. What are the most practical oven tests?

9. Why is a loaf cake baked longer than cookies?

10. How many muffins, average size, can be made from a pint of flour?

11. Compare the cost of homemade cake with bakers' cake.

12. What are the advantages of the homemade over the bakers', or the bakers' over the homemade?