Answer these questions by performing the experiments. Record in notebook in orderly form.

1 Teacher's Note

These experiments may be performed as each food material is used. In this case a page should be kept in the notebook for the table of weights and measures, and each observation recorded as it is made. It may be that the perishable articles will not be on hand, except as they are used in order. The weighing and measuring should be dwelt on all through the course.

Apparatus. Standard scales, a quart measure, and for each pupil a measuring cup, table knife, teaspoon, and tablespoon. Materials. Those mentioned below.

1. How many eggs (medium size) to 1 lb.?

2. What is the weight of one egg ?

3. Of one pint of flour?

4. Of one cup of flour?

5. Of one cup of granulated sugar?

6. Of one cup of powdered sugar?

7. Of one pint of milk?

8. Average the weight of six potatoes.

9. How many level teaspoonfuls of flour to a level tablespoonful?

10. How many teaspoonfuls of water to a tablespoonful?

11. How many tablespoonfuls of flour to a cup?

12. How many tablespoonfuls of water to a cup?

(These relative measures are convenient for dividing recipes.)

13. Measure a level tablespoonful of flour, by filling the spoon, holding it level, and leveling the flour by running the back of the knife quickly from the base of the bowl of the spoon to the tip.

How can you most accurately divide this in halves ? In quarters?

14. How much does a cup of flaked cereal weigh?

15. How much does a cup of granular cereal weigh?

16. Butter is hard to measure in a cup. If a recipe calls for $ cup butter, it is easier to measure it by tablespoonfuls. Find out how many make 1/4 cup.

17. How much does a cup of butter weigh? If you know this, you can weigh it, instead of measuring, or if your butter is in pound "pats," you will be able to cut off a cupful, instead of weighing it.

18. An old-fashioned recipe for sponge cake reads thus: Take the weight of the eggs in sugar and half their weight in flour. Translate this into measures.