Sponge Cake. The old-time sponge cake is given on page 173. Sponge cakes should be baked in a very moderate oven, below 380° F., the bread temperature. (See Fig. 50.)

Fig. 50.   A loaf of sponge cake.

Fig. 50. - A loaf of sponge cake.

9. Hot water sponge cake

Ingredients. Eggs Sugar

Hot water or Milk Flour

Baking powder Salt

Lemon or Vanilla extract

1 cup 3/8 cup

1 cup

1 1/2 teaspoonfuls 1/4 teaspoonful 1/4 teaspoonful

1/2 teaspoonful


Separate eggs and beat yolks and whites thoroughly. Mix and sift the dry ingredients. Add the sugar gradually to beaten yolks alternately with water until well blended. Next add the flavoring and then fold in the stiffly beaten whites together with the dry ingredients until blended. Bake in a buttered shallow pan in a moderate oven for twenty-five minutes or until cake shrinks from the side of the pan.