The Sandwich. The sandwich is a convenient way of serving bread and other foods away from the table, for picnics, teas, and receptions.

To Prepare The Bread

Either white or brown bread may be used. Select a well-shaped loaf of fine grain that will not crumb when it is sliced. Cut off the end of the loaf, spread the loaf evenly with butter, cut a thin slice, butter again, and so on. The butter should be softened. Be careful to spread it evenly and see that it is near the edge of the bread. Sandwiches may be made either with or without the crust. If the crust is to be removed, cut it off the loaf before buttering and slicing.

The Filling

There is an endless variety of filling possible for sandwiches, from slices of meat and poultry, which make a substantial luncheon for picnics, to the dainty fillings used for afternoon teas and receptions. A crisp bit of lettuce leaf with Mayonnaise dressing is always acceptable. Cream cheese mixed with nuts and raisins is a good filling. For a sweet sandwich, jam or jelly may be spread on the slices and possibly a small amount of cream cheese put between. You can invent many combinations.

The shape of the sandwich may be oblong, triangular, or round. The round sandwich is cut with a sharp cooky cutter. The pieces remaining may be dried and used for bread crumbs. The crusts may always be utilized in this way.