Croutons. Cut a slice of bread a day old 1/2 inch thick. Spread with soft butter, cut off the crust, put the slices in a pan, cut in cubes and set the pan in the oven until the croutons are brown.


1. What is a standard for good bread?

2. Describe a perfect loaf.

3. How do climate and method of raising affect the composition of wheat and flour?

4. What are the essentials of good bread flour?

5. Why is it so necessary to control temperature in bread making ?

6. What is the best temperature and why?

7. Explain the part played by gluten in bread making.

8. State the underlying principles of bread making.

9. Explain the advantage of a bread machine over the hand in kneading.

10. What is the best temperature for baking a loaf? For baking biscuit ?

11. What are the principles and practical points in toast making? (See Chapter IV (Food Preparation, The Principles And Technique).)

12. What is the argument in connection with homemade bread versus baker's bread?

13. How can the public insure good quality baker's bread?

14. What is the nutritive value and digestibility of bread?

15. How much bread in the 100-Calorie portion?