Ingredients for 12. Flour Milk Eggs Salt

1 pint

1 pint

1/2 teaspoonful

Some rules give two eggs only.

For baking, heavy earthen cups, hot and greased. Method of mixing is No. 1.

Special Points

The liquid must be poured very slowly into the flour to prevent lumping. A large Dover egg beater is convenient for beating out lumps, if any occur.

The leavening of the popover is effected by steam, and it is not necessary therefore to spend time and strength in the long beating sometimes recommended. This has been conclusively proved by experiment. Neither is it necessary to put the batter into the oven immediately, as sometimes directed. It may stand all day or even over night.

Pour the batter in the hot cups, having each cup two thirds full. The baking of the popovers is unique, in that they should be put into an intensely hot oven for the first stage of the baking - as hot as 475° F., or even more - then the oven must be cooled. This first stage crusts the top; then the expansive force of the steam pushes up the top ; and the muffin "pops " or "puffs " over. The more moderate heat cooks the sides and the bottom, and makes an agreeable crust. The perfect puff-over is hollow. Three quarters of an hour is the average time of baking. If at the end of that time the oven door is set ajar, and the popovers allowed to remain longer, they are improved, coming from the oven stiff and crisp with a rich brown color, rather than soft and underdone. In an old family cookbook, one recipe, sixty years old, calls popovers "Mahogany Cakes."

They may be eaten as a muffin, or served with a pudding sauce as a dessert.