Mashed Potatoes. Some one devised this convenient method of serving, to save trouble at the table. Mashed potato can be very poor and unappetizing when wet and lumpy. Do not attempt it with new, poor, or old potatoes. See that the boiled potatoes are as dry as can be - every particle of water steamed away. Mash thoroughly with the wire masher, add butter or butterine, salt and milk in about the proportions given for potato in the half shell. Use a tablespoonful or so of cream if it is available. Beat vigorously. The mealiness of the potato and the vigorous beating are the secrets of success. The finished product should be light and somewhat moist, - not wet. Reheat in the kettle. Pile lightly in a hot dish and serve; or brown the top before serving.

Potato puff. (Souffle.) - With your knowledge of mashed potato, can you not invent a potato puff?