Put into a pan half cup of butter, two cups brown sugar, and the juice of a lemon or. four tablespoonfuls vinegar ; stand it over a moderate fire. Stir until it begins to bubble, then draw it to one side of the stove and let it boil slowly. Test occasionally by dropping a little into cold water. If it hardens at once, it is done. Stir in shelled peanuts or walnuts and pour into buttered pans.

Chocolate Creams

Beat the white of one egg and add to it two tablespoonfuls cold water and half teaspoonful vanilla. Stir in gradually enough confectioner's or XXX sugar to make a stiff dough. Roll into balls the size of marbles, and let dry one hour. Melt quarter pound chocolate in a bowl and put the balls into it in succes-sion. Lift out each ball with a fork and place it on greased paper to harden.

Walnut Creams

Open English walnuts carefully, that the half-kernels may not be broken. Press the two halves into opposite sides of a sugar-ball, as above described.

Date Creams

Remove the seeds from dates. Roll sugar-balls into cylinders and press them into the spaces from which the date seeds were taken.

Cherry Creams

Buy quarter pound red candied cherries. Cut each cherry partly open, and press into the opening a small ball of the sugar mixture.

Lemon Or Orange Creams

Take one teaspoonful of white of egg and mix with it one tablespoonful lemon or orange-juice. Add enough sugar to make a dough, roll it into balls and let it harden.

Fruit Creams

'Take one tablespoonful Scultana raisins, two figs, four dates, and 426 one tablespoonful nut kernels. Chop the fruit very fine and stir all together. Take a portion of the sugar dough, above described, and mix with it the chopped fruit. Roll the mixture into balls, or pat it flat and cut into small squares.

Home-Made Candy

Two pounds white sugar, one pint water; boil until it cracks when dropped in cold water; add three tablespoonfuls vinegar and one-half tea-spoonful soda ; flavor to taste.

Peanut Candy

Two cups granulated sugar, one cup chopped peanuts, no water. Put sugar over a slow fire; it melts very slowly. After it has melted a little it turns into very hard lumps, then melts again. When it is free from lumps remove from fire, pour it over the peanuts, stirring with a spoon to prevent them collecting at the bottom of the pan. When cool mark into squares.

Peppermint Drops

One-half cup sugar, one-half cup water, one teaspoonful vinegar. Boil until done, then beat fast with a fork. Before it gets cold add five drops peppermint oil, beat thoroughly, let fall in drops on buttered paper.

Sugar Candy

Six cups white sugar, one cup vinegar, one cup water, one tablespoonful butter put in at the last with one teaspoonful soda, dissolved in hot water. Boil without stirring one-half hour. Flavor to suit taste.

Walnut Macaroons

One cup walnut meats chopped fine, one cup sugar, a little salt, three tablespoonfuls flour. Cook in a buttered tin in a slack oven. When done cut in small squares and lift from tin while warm.

Pop-Corn Balls

Pop the corn and reject all the hard kernels; place in a large pan. To eight quarts of corn take one pint sugar, scant one-half teaspoonful cream of tartar, and a little water. Boil all together until it hardens in water, then pour over the corn and make into balls.