Of other animals kept as pets may be named the Guinea pig and the squirrel, the former kept much like the rabbit, the latter in a cage. The squirrel in captivity is an active fellow, fond of exercise, and if provided with a revolving wheel, for an occasional run, will keep healthy and happy. It should be provided with nuts for food, with corn or wheat, or pieces of dry bread ; also a little bread and milk, squeezed rather dry. Some bits of meat are relished, but should be given sparingly.

Rats and mice are also kept in cage-life, the rat being almost as much given to comical antics as the monkey. The outer cage should have several perches and a wire ladder or two. The revolving cage sometimes used is a cruel device for these animals ; a roomy cage, with perches, ladders, and swings, is far better and more interesting, from their varied gymnastic powers.

White mice, with their pretty pink eyes, are pets admired by many. They are tame and hardy, and can be trained to perform many amusing tricks. Corn meal is their favorite food. The white rat, a Chinese species, is very similar to the white mouse, and if kept clean is an interesting pet. Of course, these little creatures are not likely to be welcome to those who bear an inborn prejudice against them, but they are innocent and harmless animals, and those who keep them grow very fond of them.