The heart's-ease, or pansy, is a favorite with every one, from its beauty of color and the great variation Ialike in the form and tint of its flowers. These make their appearance early in the spring, and will continue to bloom till the time of frost comes again. They reach their finest bloom in May and June, wilt somewhat under the summer sun, but regain their beauty in autumn.

In planting pansies, a spot with a north aspect should be chosen. Soil of medium texture and not overfertilized is best. The soil should be kept loose around them, and care be taken to see that the border is free from the wireworm. By setting out the plants in September they become well bedded before winter, and seem to do as well as those kept in frames. Their propagation is easy, and young plants can be depended upon for the following season's beds. Seeds, if saved, should be taken only from choice flowers; in this way alone can improved varieties be obtained.