Shell Beans

Boil half an hour to an hour.

Green Corn

Drop the ears into boiling water and boil from five to ten minutes, never very long. Too long a time will harden the kernels; it is wise to test after three minutes. If the milk in the corn is cooked, or it does not taste raw, it is done, no matter if it has cooked only two or three minutes. This vegetable is ruined and made indigestible when overcooked.

Green Peas

Drop slowly by handfuls into as little boiling water as possible; it is desirable that the boiling shall not stop when the peas are dropped in. Cook twenty minutes. These may be easily hardened and spoiled by long cooking.


The same time as for peas.


Boil until tender, about forty-five minutes. The time depends on size and age.


Boil about three quarters of an hour if shredded, but be sure it is very tender. A whole cabbage will take from three to four hours.

Sweet Potatoes

Boil thirty minutes in salt water or bake in a hot oven one hour.

White Potatoes

Boil thirty minutes in salt water or bake in hot oven half an hour; if slow, one hour. Potatoes will spoil if overcooked.


Boil from forty minutes to an hour or till tender. They should always be peeled and somewhat sweetened.


Boil from one to two hours, according to the age, but always till tender; they cannot be overcooked. When boiled, if put in cold water the skin will slip off easily.


Boil till tender, from forty-five minutes to an hour, according to the size.


Boil twenty minutes, or cook fifteen minutes, in a small quantity of water with vessel uncovered.


Boil thirty minutes in salted boiling water.


Boil half an hour or till tender.

String Beans

Boil one hour, or even two.


Boil from forty-five minutes to an hour in salted boiling water. This vegetable is spoiled by overcooking.

Winter Squash

Pare, cut in pieces, boil or bake till tender.


Boil about one hour, changing the water several times; they must cook until tender.