A Book That Wins

We have issued a new book on "Society, and the Rules that Govern It," that is as popular and practical, in its way, as "Buckeye Cookery." It is

"Manners That Win," And is as much superior to other books relating to Society and the rules of Etiquette as the "Buckeye" is to all other cook books. No pains have been spared in compilation; all the latest and best standard authorities have been consulted, as well as many people in high social standing in the large cities, who are familiar with the best usages of Society, and it is Thoroughly Trustworthy Nor is it simply an etiquette book, teaching a certain system of bows and smirks, and certain tricks of dress and behavior, but it is the embodiment of

Solid Common Sense Teaching men and women how to be, as well as how to Seem to be

Gentlemen And Ladies In Appearance "Manners"

Is especially attractive, With Beautiful Gilt Side Title, Heavy, tinted paper, and clear print. To show it is to create a desire to possess.


Cloth, Gilt Side, Plain Edges,......


Cloth, Full Gilt,.....


Morocco, Full Gilt, .......


Sent by Mail on Receipt of Price. Sold by Subscription.

Agents wanted in every County in the United States. Our terms are unequalled for liberality. Send for Terms.

Buckeye Publishing Co., Minneapolis, Minn. Or Dayton, Ohio.

A Charming Book for Little Folks!

We have just issued a new and beautiful Juvenile Book, under the title of 'The Children's Hour."

It is handsomely illustrated with over 100 choice wood engravings, all of which have a special interest for children and young people. These stories and poems have been carefully selected, to amuse and instruct, while at the same time the tone is pure and elevated. The book is fascinating to children, and people who have arrived at years of discretion, cry and laugh over the charming stories that make up the contents. No child can read the book and not be the better for it, and no parent need hesitate to place it in the hands of his children, lest the lessons conveyed might be harmful.

The binding is handsome scarlet and gold cloth, with a beautiful gold side title.

Sold Only By Subscription.

Price, Plain Edges, -


" Gilt "


When no agent is in the vicinity, orders may be sent by mail, direct to the publishers, and the book will be forwarded postpaid.

Buckeye Publishing Co., Minneapolis, Minn Or Dayton, Ohio.


- The compilers take pleasure in acknowledging their indebtedness for many valuable points embodied in this book, to " Care of the Sick; " " Accidents and EmerSencies; " " Health Hints," published by Cowan & Co., New York; "In the Kitchen," by Mrs. Elizabeth S. Miller, and many other excellent works.