Put meat on, after washing well, in enough boiling water to just cover the meat; as soon, as it boils, set kettle on the stove where it will simmer or boil very slowly; boil until almost tender, put in vegetables in the following order: Cabbage cut in quarters, turnips of medium size cut in halves, and potatoes whole, or if large cut in two; peel potatoes and turnips, and allow to lie in cold water for half an hour before using. The meat should be well skimmed before adding vegetables; boil together until thoroughly done (adding a little salt before taking out of kettle), when there should be left only just enough water to prevent burning; take up vegetables in separate dishes, and lastly the meat; if there is any juice in kettle, pour it over cabbage. Boil cabbage an hour, white turnips and potatoes half an hour, ruta-bagas an hour and a half to two hours. A soup plate or saucer turned upside down, or a few iron table-spoons are useful to place in bottom of kettle to keep meat from burning. Parsnips may be substituted in place of cabbage and turnips, cooking them three-quarters of an hour.