Cut off the tender tops of fifty heads of asparagus; boil and drain them. Have ready as many stale biscuits or rolls as there are persons to be served, from which you have cut a neat top slice end scooped out the inside. Set them in the oven to crisp, laying the tops beside them, that all may dry together. Meanwhile put into a sauce-pan a sugarless custard made as follows: A pint or less of milk, and four well-whipped eggs; boil the milk first, then beat in the eggs; set over the fire and stir till it thickens, when add a table-spoon of butter, and season with salt and pepper. Into this custard put the asparagus, minced fine. Do not let it boil, but remove from the fire as soon as the asparagus is fairly in. Fill the rolls with the mixture, put on the tops, fitting them carefully; set in the oven three minutes, after which arrange on a dish. To be eaten hot.

Eggs and Asparagus. Cut tender asparagus into pieces half an inch long, and boil twenty minutes, then drain till dry, and put into a sauce-pan containing a cup of rich drawn butter; heat together to a boil, season with pepper and salt, and pour into a buttered dish. Break half a dozen ?eggs over the surface, put a bit of butter upon each, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and put in the oven until the eggs are set.