Rub a small cup of butter into half a table-spoon flour, beating it to a cream, adding, if needed, a little salt; pour on it half a pint boiling water, stirring it fast, and taking care not to let it quite boil, as boiling makes it oily and unfit for use. The boiling may be prevented by placing the sauce-pan containing it in a larger one of boiling water, covering and shaking frequently until it reaches the boiling point. A great variety of sauces which are excellent to eat with fish, poultry, or boiled meats, can be made by adding different herbs, such as parsley, mint, or sweet marjoram, to drawn butter. First throw them into boiling water, cut fine, and they are ready to be added, when serve immediately, with two hard-boiled eggs, chopped fine. This makes a nice sauce to serve with baked fish. The chopped inside of a lemon with the seeds out, to which the chicken liver has been added, makes a good sauce for boiled chicken. For anchovy sauce, add two tea-spoons of anchovy extract or paste (kept by all grocers) to a half pint of drawn butter sauce, and stir well. For lobster sauce, chop the meat of the tail and claws of a good-sized lobster into pieces (not too small). Half an hour before dinner, make half a pint of drawn-butter, add the chopped lobster, a pinch of coral, another of cayenne, and a little salt. When done it should not be a solid mass, but the pieces of lobster should appear distinctly in the thin cream.