Clean, rinse, and wipe dry a white fish, or any fish weighing three or four pounds, rub the fish inside and out with salt and pepper, fill with a stuffing made like that for poultry, but drier; sew it up and put in a hot pan, with some drippings and a lump of butter, dredge with flour, and lay over the fish a few thin slices of salt pork or bits of butter, and bake an hour and a half, basting occasionally. - Mrs. A. Wilson, Bye, New York.

Baked Shad

Open and clean the fish, cut off head (or not as preferred) cut out the backbone from the head to within two inches of the tail, and fill with the following mixture: Soak stale bread in water, squeeze dry; cut a large onion in pieces, fry in butter, chop fine, add the bread, two ounces of butter, salt, pepper, and a little parsley or sage; heat thoroughly, and when taken from the fire, add two yolks of well-beaten eggs; stuff, and, when full, wind the fish several times with tape, place in baking-pan, baste slightly with butter, and cover the bottom of pan with water; serve with the following sauce: Reduce the yolks of two hard-boiled eggs to a smooth paste, add two table-spoons olive-oil, half tea-spoon mustard, and pepper and vinegar to taste. - Miss H. D. M.

Baked Salmon, Trout Or Pickerel

Clean thoroughly, wipe carefully, and lay in a dripping-pan with foot water enough to prevent scorching (a perforated tin sheet or rack fitting loosely in the pan, or several muffin-rings may be to keep the fish from the bottom of the pan, and the fish may be made to form a circle by tying head and tail together); bake slowly, basting often with butter and water. When done have ready a cup of sweet cream into which a few spoons of hot water have been poured, stir in two table-spoons melted butter and a little chopped parsley, and heat in a vessel of boiling water; add the gravy from the dish and boil up once. Place the fish in a hot dish, and pour over the sauce. - Mrs. Theo. Brown, Cape Girardeau, Mo.

Codfish A La Mode

Tea-cup codfish picked up fine, two cups mashed potatoes, one pint cream or milk, two eggs well beaten, half tea-cup butter, salt and pepper; mix well, bake in baking-dish from twenty to twenty-five minutes. - Mrs. E. L. Fay, New York City.