Wash clean; cat off the white part except a mere end, put into slightly salted boiling water, boil five minutes, pour off water, odd more boiling hot; boil ten to fifteen minutes, then put in a lump of butter, salt and pepper (some stir in a thickening made or one tea spoon Sour mixed up with cold water); cut and toast two or three thin slices of bread, spread with butter and put in a dish, and over them turn asparagus and gravy. The water must be boiled down until just enough for the gravy, which is made as above. Or, cut the asparagus, when boiled, into little bits, leaving out white end, make gravy as above, put the cut asparagus into a hot dish and turn the gravy over it and serve.

A simple manner of boiling asparagus is to tie in a bundle, or first wrap in cotton cloth and then tie, and set upright in a sauce-pan containing boiling water enough to reach nearly to the tender tips; boil rapidly till tender; lay a napkin on a hot platter, take out asparagus, drain for a moment, place on napkin, unwrap, and fold over the asparagus the corners of the napkin, and serve in this form, with white sauce in a gravy-boat.

Or, boiled asparagus may be made cold in ice-box, and served with a sauce made of vinegar, pepper, and salt.