Chocolate Cake

One cup butter, two of sugar, one of milk, five eggs, leaving out the whites of three, four cups sifted flour, two tea-spoons baking powder, or one small tea-spoon soda and two of cream tartar in the flour; bake in three layers in deep jelly-tins. For icing, take whites of three eggs, beaten stiff, one and a half cups powdered sugar, six table-spoons grated chocolate, two tea-spoons vanilla. - Mrs. J. H. Shearer.

Delicious Chocolate Cake

The whites of eight eggs, two cups sugar, one of butter, three' full -cups flour, one of sweet milk, three tea-spoons baking-powder; beat the butter to a cream, stir in the sugar, and beat until light; add the milk, then the flour and beaten whites. When well beaten, •divide into equal parts, and into half grate a cake of sweet chocolate. Bake in layers, spread with custard, and alternate the white and dark cakes. For custard for the cake, add a table-spoon of butter to one pint of milk, and let it come to a boil; stir in two eggs beaten with one cup of sugar, add two teaspoons of corn starch dissolved in a little milk. - Mrs. J. M. Riddle, Bellefontaine.

Lemon Cake

One and one-half cups sugar, one of butter, two and one-half of flour, five eggs beaten separately, four tea-spoons sweet milk, teaspoon cream tartar, half tea-spoon soda.

For Jelly

Take coffee-cup sugar, two table-spoons butter, two eggs, and the juice of two lemons: beat all together and boil until the consistency of jelly. For orange cake use oranges instead of lemons. - Miss Minnie Brown.

Minnehaha Cake

One and a half cups granulated sugar, half cup butter stirred to a cream, whites of six eggs, or three whole eggs, two tea-spoons cream tartar stirred in two heaping cups sifted flour, one tea-spoon soda in half cup sweet milk; bake in three layers. For filling, take a tea-cup sugar and a little water boiled together until it is brittle when dropped in cold water, remove from stove and stir quickly into the well-beaten white of an egg; add to this a cup of stoned raisins chopped fine, or a cup of chopped hickory-nut meats, and place between layers and over the top. A universal favorite. - Mrs. E. W. Herrick,

Metropolitan Cake

Two cups sugar, one of butter, one of milk, nearly four cups flour, whites of eight eggs, three tea-spoons baking-powder, flavor with lemon. Take a little more than three-fifths of this mixture in three jelly-tins, add to the remaining batter one table-spoon ground allspice, one and a half table-spoons cinnamon, tea-spoon cloves, fourth pound each of sliced citron and chopped raisins; bake in two jelly-tins and put together with frosting, alternating dark and light. - Mrs. Dr. D. H. Moore, Wesleyan College, Cincinnati.

Black Part

- One cup brown sugar, two eggs, half cup butter, half cup molasses, half cup strong coffee, two and a half cups flour, one of raisins, one of currants, a tea-spoon each of soda, cinnamon and cloves, and half tea-spoon mace.

White Part

- Two cups sugar, half cup butter, one of milk, two and a quarter of flour, one of corn starch, whites of four eggs, small tea-spoon cream tartar; make frosting of whites of two eggs to put between the layers. -Mrs. Calista Hawks Gortner