Hamburg Cream

Stir together the rind and juice of two large lemons, and one cup sugar, add the well-beaten yolks of eight eggs; put all in a tin pail, set in a pot of boiling water, stir for three minutes, take from the fire, add the well-beaten whites of the eggs, and serve, when cold, in custard-glasses. - Mrs. C. Fullington.

Italian Cream

Soak one-third box gelatine half an hour in cold milk, put a quart milk on to boil, and when boiling stir in yolks of eight eggs well beaten, add one cup and a half of sugar and the gelatine; when the custard begins to thicken, take it off and pour into a deep dish in which the eight whites have been beaten to a stiff froth; mix well together and flavor to taste; put in molds, and allow four hours to cool. This cream is much more easily made in winter than in summer. - Mrs. N. P. Wiles.

Rock Cream

Boil one cup rice in a custard-kettle in sweet milk until soft, add two table-spoons loaf-sugar, a salt-spoon salt; pour into a dish and place on it lumps of jelly; beat the whites of five eggs and three table-spoons pulverized sugar to a stiff froth, flavor to taste, add one table-spoon rich cream, and drop the mixture on the rice. - Miss Libbie S. Wilcox, Madison.

Raspberry Cream

One quart good cream, one pint fresh raspberries; mash and rub the fruit through a fine sieve or strainer, to extract the seeds, bring the cream to a boil (having reserved one pint for froth), and add it to the berries while it remains hot, sweeten with powdered sugar to taste, let it become cold. Now raise cream which has been reserved to a froth with a beater, take off the froth and lay it on a sieve to drain; fill dish or glasses with the cream and place froth on top. Very nice. Any kind of berries, jam or jelly is good, and can be used without straining.

Spanish Cream

One box Coxe's gelatine dissolved in a pint of cold milk; into two quarts boiling milk stir one and a half cups sugar and the yolks of eight eggs; pour all upon the dissolved gelatine, stirring well.

When cool add half a pint wine, or flavor with lemon or vanilla, place in dishes and cover with a meringue made of the beaten whites, the juice of one lemon, and one cup sugar; brown in oven two minutes and eat ice-cold. - Susan B. Howard, Brooklyn, New York.

Tapioca Cream

Soak over night two table-spoons tapioca in one-half tea-cup milk

(or enough to cover); bring one quart milk to boiling point; beat well together the yolks of three eggs, half tea-cup sugar, and one tea-spoon lemon or vanilla for flavoring, add the tapioca, and stir the whole into the boiling milk, let boil once, turn into the dish, and immediately spread on the whites. Serve when cold. - Mrs. R. M. Henderson.