A reference to the design for bride cake top No. 1 (page 359) will show that it is a combination of the scrolls, etc., given in the diagrams for artistic piping, and is not given as a design or a work of art, but is simply arranged (as I direct in my explanation of diagrams) to show how those scrolls, etc., can be connected and arranged so as to form a design. After you have made this one, you will be surprised how easy a task it will be to do a second. Please note that this design is made up of Nos. 36, 20, 13, 18, 6, 8, and 21 of the diagrams; also note that I have given two leaves of one pattern and two of another. When you pipe cake make all four leaves of the same pattern, choosing which you prefer. I have given two simply to illustrate the diagrams, or I would have sketched them all alike. I also give a sketch for the side of the cake if you wish to pipe the side. This you will note is No. 17 in the diagrams, and the bottom is finished off with simple, plain round dots (No. 2 in diagrams), but all of one size.

My sketch for bride's cake top No. 2 (page 361) is more correct as a design, and is to be done after you have practiced on No. 1 design. I will not refer you to the diagrams for this design, but ask you to pick out what numbers of the diagrams are used in making up this design, as by so doing it will fix it in your memory. These designs will answer for the top of any cake as well as for bride's cake; if you use them for bride's cake, use nothing but white icing, also white piping, and in the center where I have marked ("for vase") insert a vase, or bouquet, or spray of flowers, as you see fit. The addition of a few sugar roses and silver leaves (procurable at all confectioners) will add to the effect. It is also necessary to place the cake on a lace paper, particularly if a bride's or wedding cake; and if on a silver or plated salver, so much the better.

It is not imperative that you use orange blossoms in the decoration of bride's cake, still it is usually done. It is also admissible to use (very sparingly) pink roses or other flowers, or even yellow to match with the orange blossoms or in place of them; but rather than use too much or too many, use none. If you do not wish to pipe the side of a bride's cake, place a silver band round it. You can procure the band of any respectable confectioner or caterer.