Split through the spine, cut off each half of head behind the ear, remove the pieces in front of the shoulder, for sausage. Take out leaf which lies around kindeys, for lard; cut out the lean meat, ribs, etc.. then the ham and shoulder, and remove the loose pieces directly in front of the ham, for lard. Cut off a narrow strip of the belly, for sausage; and cut up the remainder, which is clear pork, into five or six strips of about equal width, for salting down. Smoke the jowl with hams, and use the upper part of the head for boiling, or baking, or head-cheese.

Scorch the feet over the fire until the hoofs remove easily, scrape clean, place in hot water a few minutes, wash and scrape thoroughly, and they are ready for cooking.

All the flabby pieces should be tried up for lard. Remove all fat from intestines, saving that which does not easily come off the larger intestines for soap-grease. The liver, heart, sweet-breads and kidneys are all used for boiling or trying, and the smaller intestines are sometimes used for sausage cases.