A round of beef weighing twenty-five pounds, one ounce of cloves, three ounces of saltpetre, three ounces of coarse sugar, half an ounce of allspice, six ounces of common salt, one nutmeg. The beef should hang two or thee days; then take out the bone, rub the spices and salt thoroughly together, and rub them well into the beef on both sides; cover the beef, turn and rub it every day for from two to three weeks. When you wish to use it, dip it in cold water to remove the loose spice; .bind it closely several times around the sides with a long strip of cotton cloth two inches wide; put it in a pan with half a pint of water in the bottom to prevent burning; cover the top of the meat with shred suet, and cover the pan with a crust half an inch thick, made of water and Graham or other flour, seeing that it adheres to the edge of the pan. Lay a brown paper over the crust; bake it slowly for five or six hours. The gravy, of which there will be a large quantity, may be used in soup, in beef-pie, or in hash. The place from which the bone was taken may be rubbed with fine chopped parsley, and sweet herbs may be laid between the skin and the meat.