- Secure plump, well fattened fowls. Do not feed for at least 24 hours before killing. Open the veins of the neck and bleed freely - this is the best mode of killing. Scald enough to make the feathers come off easily, picking both feathers and pin feathers off nicely. Be careful not to bruise or break the skin in any way, because it injures the sale. Leave all the entrails in, and head and feet on. Immediately after they are dressed, dip once in boiling hot water, letting them remain in about ten seconds; then dip into ice-cold water, allowing them to remain in the same length of time, then hang in a cool place where they will dry before packing. Ducks should be treated same as fowls or chickens. Pack in boxes or barrels in nice, clean rye or oat straw. Boxes holding from 100 lbs. to 200 lbs. are the most desirable style of packages. Pack with breasts down, using straw between each layer.

Be sure to pack solid, so they will not bruise on the way. Poultry prepared in this way will meet with a ready sale, while poorly dressed, sweaty

(caused by being packed while warm) and bruised lots will not sell at any time. Large, fat, dry picked turkeys and chickens sell well. They should be picked at once after killing, and hung up until the animal heat is entirely out before packing. Remember, it is the appearance of goods that sells them. Nice, large, fat, plump turkeys, chickens, ducks, or geese, always bring outside prices.