- Good macaroni is of a yellowish color, does not break in cooking and yields four times its bulk.

Cheese, which feels soft between the fingers, is richest and best, and should be kept in a box in a cool dry place.

Corn Meal Does Not Keep Well And Should Be Bought In Small Quantities

South the white meal is used, and North the yellow is the favorite. Corn is a heat producer and is a useful winter diet.

Vinegar, which is made of wine or cider, is the best. Buy a keg, or half barrel of it. and set it in the cellar, and then keep a supply for the casters in a junk bottle in the kitchen. If too strong, vinegar will "eat" pickles.

Hard Soap should be bought in large quantity, and laid to harden in bars piled on each other. Hard soap is more economical than soft, as it is not so easily wasted.

Spices and Pepper should be ground fine, and put in large-mouthed glass bottles, or kept in tin cans, in a dry place. Avoid bright red peppers, spices, and sauces.

Starch may also be bought in large quantities at a considerable discount from the retail price, which, in a large family, makes a difference in the yearly expenses. The best starch is the most economical.

Buckwheat Meal, Rice and Hominy should be purchased in small quantities, and kept in covered kegs or tubs. Several of these articles are infested with black insects, and an examination should be occasionally made for them.