Gather walnuts (or butternuts) when soft enough to be pierced by a needle (July), prick each with a large needle well through, holding in a cloth to avoid staining the hands, cover with strong salt water (a pint and a half salt to a gallon of water), let stand two or three days, changing the brine every day; then pour over them a brine made by dissolving salt in boiling water (let it get cold before using), let stand three days, renew the brine and let it stand for three days more. Now drain and expose to the sun for two or three days or until they become black, or put in cold water for half a day, and pack in jars not quite full. The proportions are a hundred walnuts to each gallon of vinegar. Boil vinegar eight minutes, with a tea-cup sugar, three dozen each whole cloves and allspice, a dozen and a half pepper-corns, and a dozen blades of mace. Pour the vinegar over the walnuts scalding hot. In three days draw off the vinegar, boil and pour over the walnuts again while hot, and at end of three days repeat the process. They will be fit to eat in a month, and will keep for years. - Mrs. C. T. Carson.