One-half peck green tomatoes, twenty-five medium-sized cucum bers, fifteen large white onions, one-half peck small onions, four heads cabbages, one pint grated horse-radish, one-half pound white mustard-seed, one-fourth pound ground mustard, one-half tea-cup ground black pepper, one-half pint salad oil, one ounce celery seed, one-half ounce ground cinnamon, two ounces turmeric. Slice the tomatoes and large onions, cut cabbage as for slaw, quarter cucumbers lengthwise, cut in pieces two inches long, leaving the peel on, and add the small onions whole. Mix with salt thoroughly, let stand twenty-four hours; drain off the juice, and pour vinegar and water over pickles. Let stand a day or two, strain again as dry as possible; mix the spices well except the ground mustard, then boil one and one-half gallons fresh apple vinegar and pour boiling hot over the pickles; do this three mornings in succession, using the same vinegar each time. The third time add one pound of sugar to the vinegar and boil, pouring over as above; also mix the oil and ground mustard together with a small portion of the vinegar, and add when cold. Oil can be omitted if not relished. - Mrs. M. B. Sperry, Nashville, Tenn.