Baked Tomatoes

Cut a thin slice from blossom side of twelve solid, smooth, ripe tomatoes, with a tea-spoon remove pulp without breaking shell; take a small, solid head of cabbage and one onion, chop fine, add bread-crumbs rubbed fine, and pulp of tomatoes, season with pepper, salt and sugar, add a tea-cup good sweet cream, mix well together, fill tomatoes, put the slice back in its place, lay them stem end down in a buttered baking-dish with just enough water (some cook without water), with a small lump of butter on each, to keep from burning, and bake half an hour, or until thoroughly done; place a bit of butter on each and serve in baking-dish. They make a handsome dish for a dinner-table. - Mrs. S. Watson, Upper Sandusky.

Escaloped Tomatoes

Put in a buttered baking-dish a layer of bread or cracker-crumbs seasoned with bits of butter, then a layer of sliced tomatoes seasoned with pepper, salt, and sugar if desired, then a layer of crumbs, and so on till dish is full, finishing with the crumbs. Bake from three-quarters of an hour to an hour. Onions, prepared by soaking over night in hot water, dried well, sliced in nearly half-inch slices, and browned on both sides in a frying-pan with butter, may be added, a layer on each layer of tomatoes.

Fried Tomatoes

Peel tomatoes and cut crosswise in large slices, salt and pepper, dip each slice into wheat flour, then into beaten egg, and fry at once in hot lard; serve hot. A cup of milk is sometimes thickened with a little flour and butter, boiled and poured over them. - Estelle

Woods Wilcox - Mother's Sliced Tomatoes

Prepare half an hour before dinner, scald a few at a time in boiling water, peel, slice, and sprinkle with salt and pepper, set away in a cool place, or lay a piece of ice on them. Serve as a relish for dinner in their own liquor. Those who desire may add vinegar and sugar.

Stewed Tomatoes

Scald by pouring water over them, peel, slice and cut out all defective parts; place a lump of butter in a hot skillet, put in tomatoes, season with salt and pepper, keep up a brisk fire, and cook as rapidly as possible, stirring with a spoon or chopping up with a knife (in the latter case wipe the knife as often as used or it will blacken the tomatoes). Cook half an hour. Serve at once in a deep dish lined with toast. When iron is used, tomatoes must cook rapidly and have constant attention. If prepared in tin or porcelain, they do not require the same care. - Mrs. Judge Cole.

Tomato Toast

Run a quart of stewed ripe tomatoes through a colander, place in a porcelain stew-pan, season with butter, pepper and salt and sugar to taste; cut slices of bread thin, brown on both sides, butter and lay on a platter, and just as the bell rings for tea add a pint of good sweet cream to the stewed tomatoes, and pour them over toast. - Mrs. S. Watson.