Salsify Or Vegetable Oysters

Parboil after scraping off the outside, cut in slices, dip it into a beaten egg and fine bread-crumbs, and fry in lard. Or, slice crosswise five or six good-sized plants, cook till tender in water enough to cover, then add a pint or more of rich milk mixed with one table-spoon flour, season with butter, pepper and salt, let boil up and pour over slices of toasted bread; or add three pints milk, or half milk and water, season and serve with crackers like oyster soup.

Cymlings Or Summer Squash

These are better when young and tender, which may be known by pressing the nail through the skin; do not peel or take out seeds, but boil whole, or cut across in thick slices; boil in as little water as possible for one-half or three-quarters of an hour, drain well, mash and set on back part of stove or range to dry out for ten or fifteen minutes, stirring occasionally; then season with butter, pepper, salt and a little cream. If old, peel, cut up, take out seeds, boil and season as above.

Winter Squash

Cut up, take out inside, pare the pieces and stew in as little water as possible, cook an hour, mash in kettle, and if watery, let stand on the fire a few moments, stirring until dry; season with butter, cream, salt and pepper; be careful that it does not burn. Winter squashes are also cooked by cutting in pieces without paring, baking, and serving like potatoes; or they may be cooked in a steamer, and served either in the shell, or scraped out, put in pan, mashed, and seasoned with butter, cream, salt and pepper, and then made hot and served.


Take pint of shelled lima beans (green), wash, cover with hot water, let stand five minutes, pour off, place over fire in hot water, and boil fifteen minutes; have ready corn from six good-sized ears, and add to beans; boil half an hour, add salt, pepper and two table-spoors butter. Be careful in cutting down corn not to cut too deep; better not cut deep enough and then scrape; after corn is added, watch carefully to keep from scorching. Or, to cook with meat, boil one pound salt pork two hours, add beans, cook fifteen minutes, then add corn, omitting butter. Or, string beans may be used, cooking one hour before adding corn.

Winter Succotash

Wash one pint lima beans (dried when green) and one and a half pints dried corn; put beans in kettle and cover with cold water; cover corn with cold water in a tin pan, set on top of kettle of beans so that while the latter are boiling the corn may be heating and swelling; boil beans fifteen minutes, drain off, cover with boiling water, and when tender (half an hour) add corn, cooking both together for fifteen minutes; five minutes before serving, add salt, pepper and a dressing of butter and flour rubbed together, or one-half tea-cup cream or milk thickened with one table-spoon flour.


Look over the spinach, wash in four waters and take off stalks, boil in a sauce-pan without water for thirty minutes, covering closely, drain in a colander and cut with a knife while draining; season with pepper, salt and a little butter, boil two eggs hard and slice over the top; serve hot. Or it may, when boiled soft, be rubbed through the colander, then put in frying-pan, with a lump of butter, seasoned with pepper and salt. When hot, beat in two or three table-spoons rich cream. Put thin slices of buttered toast (one for each person) on dish and on each piece put a cupful of spinach neatly smoothed in shape, with the half of a hard-boiled egg on the top, cut part uppermost.