One peck each of green tomatoes and cucumbers, and one quart onions; pare, slice and salt (using a rounded half pint for all) each in separate jars, letting them stand in the salt twenty-four hours, and drain well, wringing and pressing in a cloth; sprinkle fresh green radish-pods and nasturtium seeds with salt, and let stand for the same length of time; boil in water salted to taste two quarts of half-grown, very tender bean pods, until they can be pierced with a silver fork, take out and drain. Now place each in a separate jar, cover with cold, weak vinegar for twenty-four hours, drain well, pressing hard to get out all the juice, cook tomatoes as in "Chopped Pickles," and then mix all well together. In a stone jar place first a layer of the mixture, sprinkle with mustard seed (prepared as directed in recipe for "Chopped Pickles)," horse-radish chopped fine, cinnamon bark, rings of garden peppers, and a few cloves, then another layer of the mixture, then the spice with a light sprinkling of cayenne pepper. The spices used for this amount are nine table-spoons stick cinnamon, four and a half tea-spoons each of mustard-seed, cloves, and horse-radish, and twenty-seven rings of garden peppers. Cover with good cider vinegar, let stand over night, drain off vinegar, and boil in a porcelain kettle, adding brown sugar in the proportion of one pint to a gallon of vinegar; skim well, pour hot over the pickles, continue to drain off and boil for several days. If not sweet enough, add more sugar, although these are not intended for sweet pickles. The proportion of cucumbers may be double or even three times the quantity of tomatoes if desired. - Mrs. W. W. Woods.