Stir one pint flour, two tea-spoons baking-powder, and a little salt into milk until very soft; place in steamer well-greased cups, put in each a spoonful of batter, then one of berries, steamed apples, or any sauce convenient, cover with another spoonful of batter and steam twenty minutes, This pudding is delicious made with fresh strawberries, and eaten with a sauce made of two eggs, half cup butter and cup of sugar, beaten thoroughly with a cup boiling milk, and one of strawberries. - Mrs. B. T. Skinner, Battle Creek, Mich.

Queen of Puddings. One pint fine sifted bread-crumbs, one quart milk, one cup sugar, yolks of four eggs, a piece of butter the size of an egg (some add grated rind of lemon); bake until done - but do not allow to become watery - and spread with a layer of jelly. Whip whites of eggs to a stiff froth with five table-spoons sugar, and juice of one lemon, spread on the top and brown. Good with or without sauce, and very good cold. Make a hard sauce for it as follows: One cup very light brown sugar, half cup butter, half grated rind and the juice of one lemon; beat until very light. Vanilla may be used instead of the lemon.

Or, for cocoa-nut pudding, soak half cup dessicated cocoa-nut in boiling hot milk for half an hour or more, and add to the pudding, baking and finishing as above; or for orange pudding add a half dozen grated oranges. - Mrs. Prof. R. P. Kidder, Cape Girardeau, Missouri.