Wash and rub thoroughly with salt and pepper, leaving in the kidney, around which put plenty of salt; roll up, let stand two hours; in the meantime make dressing of bread-crumbs, salt, pepper, and chopped parsley or thyme moistened with a little hot water and butter - some prefer chopped salt pork - also add an egg. Unroll the veal, put the dressing well around the kidney, fold, and secure well with several yards white cotton twine, covering the meat in all directions; place in the dripping-pan with the thick side down, put to bake in a rather hot oven, graduating it to moderate heat afterward; in half an hour add a little hot water to the pan, baste often; in another half hour turn over the roast, and when nearly done, dredge lightly with flour, and baste with melted butter. Before serving, carefully remove the twine. A four-pound roast thus prepared will bake thoroughly tender in about two hours. To make the gravy, skim off fat if there is too much in the drippings, dredge some flour in the pan, stir until it browns, add some hot water if necessary, boil a few moments and serve in gravy-boat. This roast is very nice to slice down cold for Sunday dinners. Serve with green pease and lemon jelly.