Spiral Egg Beater

This is a very useful implement in the kitchen, cheaper though not so good as the "Dover," a cut of which appears elsewhere. The spiral beater does the work well, but not so easily or quickly as the more costly machine.

Tea-Kettle Boiler

It is often convenient to utilize the heat of the tea-kettle for cooking, and a tea-kettle boiler does it to perfection. It is simply a long, tapering tin dish, with a long handle, large enough to fill the opening and long enough to reach within half an inch of the bottom. It may have a cover of its own or the cover of the tea-kettle may be used. It can be made by any tinner at a small cost, and is just the thing for cooking gruels, custards, etc., and serves as a steamer for pud-dings, brown bread, etc., for a small family.

Umbrella Folding Rack

- This very neat and simple contrivance is a great convenience if placed on the wall near the kitchen stove. When in use it presents a goodly number of arms on which to hang articles to be dried, and when not in use it closes up modestly and occupies no useful space. We know of nothing so simple and useful for the purpose. It is made in the very best manner, and with fair usage will last a life-time. The cut on the left represents the rack folded with arms dropped against the wall, and the one on the right the same spread out ready for use. They are sold at house furnishing stores.

Waffle Iron

- The man who has never eaten waffles should make haste to enjoy the delightful experience. Once tried, they are ever after favorites in the bill of fare. The waffle iron is a very peculiar machine. The waffle is put in, locked up, baked on one side to a lovely brown, turned over, prison and all, until the other side is a still lovelier brown, and then released steaming hot ready for the table. The cut represents the best waffle iron, which with fair usage would last a cen-tury. 31

Kitchen LuxuriesWaffle Iron 23Waffle Iron 24Waffle Iron 25Waffle Iron 26

Corrugated Spoons

- These are used for beating eggs, and are much more rapid in their work than the ordinary spoon. While not equal to the improved egg-beaters, they are several steps in advance of the old method.

Oyster Broiler

- This broiler is made like other wire broilers, only the space between the bars is lessened to three-sixteenths of an inch. They are made in several sizes, and are well adapted to the purpose for which they are made.

Broiler And Toaster

This is an excellent cheap broiler and toaster, reversible, and, while it requires more attention than the more costly broilers, does its work well. Bread may be nicely toasted by placing it between the bars and laying toaster on the top of the stove, reversing it when done on one side to toast the other. It is made like the oyster broiler, but the wires are further apart.