This freezer is the best in the market, and will give satisfaction to every purchaser. It has three motions. The center beater shaft has lifter arms, or floats, which mix the cream in the middle, turning opposite the outside beater. The outside beater scrapes the cream off the can and has floats extending to inside beater, which throws the cream to the center, when it is thrown back by the inside beater to the outside, the can m the meantime turning in an opposite direction making three simultaneous motions, thus mixing the c earn thoroughly and evenly. These beaters are of malleable iron and coated with pure block tin.

Single beater Freezers do not mix the cream evenly because there is no opposite motion, and the cream goes around with the beater. It is the same principle of rinsing by putting your hand in a pail of water and moving it around, the water goes with the hand for the reason there is no opposite obstruction to prevent. In the Tripple Motion Freezer the arms or floats pass each other and the cream must be better worked

The beaters are light and easy to clean, but single beater freezers have large beaters, which fill up the can and are bad to clean, and must necessarily waste cream. This Freezer has no large surfaces of zinc in contact with the cream, but tin instead. Families especially look to this, as freezers put away damp, will,when dry, show oxide of zinc, which is a well known poison.

The can is turned from the bottom, and while at work the cover can be removed, showing its operation clearly. Other freezers are so constructed that the cover actuates the can, and cannot be removed while working.

The cover of the White Mountain Freezer does not have to be adjusted to a particular place,but fits anywhere upon the can, and being loose can be taken off easily; without pulling the can out of the ice.