Mashing is a form of preparation suited to squash, turnip, parsnip, and potatoes. A seasoning of cream, or butter, and salt and pepper, is usually added. Fritters and croquettes usually have mashed vegetables as their foundation, or small bits are mixed with a thick cream sauce.

The white sauce is a useful additori to vegetables since it increases their nutritive value and modifies strong flavors. Almost any cooked vegetables may thus be "creamed" or "scalloped" by adding both the sauce and buttered crumbs and baking. This is an excellent way to reheat something left from a previous day.

Creamed Vegetables

Salad is a term belonging especially to a class of uncooked vegetables and in all cases implies a vegetable foundation though meats or fish may be added. The dressing of oil and vinegar is likewise of vegetable origin.

Here is another of our attempts to bring together the five food principles in a single compound. Water and mineral matter, protein, fat, and carbohydrate are usually blended in fairly balanced proportions. This is especially true of salads containing eggs, fish, or meat and eaten with bread.

Individual Apple And Celery Salad

Individual Apple And Celery Salad