A pleasant winter tour in the Mediterranean would be by the Ellerman Line. The trip lasts five weeks, and includes Gibraltar, Genoa, Leghorn, Naples, Bari, Ancona, and beautiful Venice.

Here the passengers leave the steamer, and have the option of three different routes to London. The fare is 25, first class throughout.

On all these steamships there is separate accommodation for married couples, and in winter, when there is less travelling for pleasure than at other seasons, it is not difficult to secure a deck cabin containing three berths. This is a very convenient arrangement, giving more space than the ordinary two-berth cabin.

One of the R.m.s.p. trips would commend itself to many for the honeymoon.

Take that leaving London on November 4th, and fortnightly up to the close of the year. It includes visits to Gibraltar, Tangier, Mogador, Las Palmas, Teneriffe, Madeira, and other places of interest, lasts just three weeks, and costs from twenty to twenty-five guineas per passenger, according to the position of the berth.

Instead of taking the whole trip travellers may go as far as Gibraltar, 7 10s.; Tangier, a very pleasant winter resort, 9; Teneriffe or Madeira, 15 15s. These fares include board, of course.