Whenever possible, fillet fish for invalids. They will then have no difficulty with the bones.

Ingredients: One small sole.

A few drops of lemon juice. A few browned crumbs. Salt and pepper. Half an ounce of butter.

Fillet the fish, then fold each fillet in three, turning the side that had the skin inside. Butter a sheet of kitchen paper, fold it in half, put it on a baking-tin, lay the fish on one half, sprinkle it with a few drops of lemon juice, salt and pepper, and, lastly, a few browned crumbs. Fold over the other half of paper, and twist up the ends. Put the tin in a moderate oven, and cook the fish for from eight to ten minutes (according to its thickness).

Arrange it on a hot dish, pour round it any liquor that is in the paper, and garnish the dish with a few neatly cut pieces of lemon. A small rack of crisp toast should be served with this dish.