Forced Tulips and Lilies of the Valley can be Obtained Comparatively Cheaply, and Lend Themselves Admirably to Table Decoration - A Variegated Holly and Scarlet Geranium Scheme A Christmas Tea-table - The Supper-table

At Christmas-time, that hospitable season when all are thinking of entertaining friends and relatives, we are particularly anxious that the festive board should present a bright and attractive appearance. Flowers, however, are not plentiful. Only the wealthy, there-fore, can use them with a lavish hand.

Forced tulips, both red and yellow, can be purchased cheaply, and these look very pretty when placed in bowls and mixed with small growing ferns, or placed in wicker baskets gilded or painted to some pretty hue.

Forced lilies of the valley are very plentiful, and although they cost more than tulips, they are not expensive, and not only do they look extremely pretty on the table, but they are deliciously fragrant.

I have in my mind's eye a Christmas table in which they are utilised.

Vases have been used in the form of tree-branches. They have been painted silver, and filled with lilies and their own delicate green leaves. These vases do not re-quire many flowers; in fact, they look best merely with one or two blossoms in each tube. This is a great advantage when flowers are scarce.

Holly leaves of the silver variety are arranged round the vases on the cloth, and a sparkling effect can be produced if the leaves are coated with a very weak solution of gum arabic, and then sprinkled with crystal frost.

An idea for the centre of a Christmas party supper table. The presents are placed under cotton wool snow

An idea for the centre of a Christmas party supper-table. The presents are placed under cotton-wool snow