Wear Colours which are Becoming, not necessarily those which are Fashionable - The Difficulties of Dressing the Woman with Auburn Hair - Look to Nature for Colour Schemes - England is a

Dull Country, therefore be Cheerful in your Dress

Once when cross-questioned by a woman as to the ingredients which he used in mixing his colours, a famous artist comprehensively replied that he mixed them with brains. Similarly, success in clothes is achieved only if the colours are not merely mixed but applied with brains.

In the choice of colours, as in all matters connected with clothes, individuality in women should be strongly encouraged. That one colour should be more fashionable than another is in itself an absurdity. It might almost as well be asserted that a special kind of complexion or a particular shape of face should be worn to the exclusion of all others.

The only colour that has any right to be fashionable is the colour that happens to suit the wearer, and nothing is more foolish than for every woman, dark or fair, pale or ruddy, fat or thin, to imagine that, because there happens to be an epidemic of mustard-yellow or peacock-green, she must, therefore, clothe herself in aggressive tints that fight all day long with her hair and her complexion. That a colour is essentially and undoubtedly becoming should be its first passport to our good graces.