6.30 a.m.: Light kitchen pre; sweep hall, do doorstep, brasses, etc.; clean boots. 7.30: Prepare and have kitchen breakfast. 8.30: Prepare dining-room breakfast; tidy kitchen; wipe out larder. 10.0: Receive orders for the day from the mistress. 11.0: Prepare lunch and kitchen dinner. 12 noon: Have kitchen dinner (usually one hour allowed).

1 p.m.: Serve lunch; clear and wash up kitchen dinner things; tidy kitchen; do any light cooking or cleaning.

4.0: Change dress. (Housemaid usually prepares and clears away kitchen tea.) Prepare and 7.30: Serve dinner.

8.30: Wash up and tidy in scullery; have supper; tidy kitchen.

10.0: Go to bed.