Required: One pound of flour.

Three-quarters of a pound of butter or a mixture of butter and lard. Half a teaspoonful of salt. Cold water.

Sieve the flour and salt into a basin. Divide the butter into four parts. Cut one fourth of it finely into the flour, then rub it lightly in with the tips of the fingers.

Next pour a little cold water into the middle of the flour and mix it in with a knife, adding more water gradually until all the flour is mixed into a stiff paste. Turn the paste on to a floured board, knead it lightly until it is free from cracks, then roll it out into an oblong strip about a quarter of an inch thick.

Work each of the portions of butter with a knife until it is soft, and can be easily spread.

Put little bits of one of the portions in even rows down the whole length of the pastry, leaving, however, a narrow border of pastry round the edge without butter.

Dredge a little flour over the butter. Fold the pastry in three, press the edges firmly together, and roll it out again. Spread on the second portion of butter, and repeat the folding, rolling, and spreading until all the butter is used. The pastry then will be ready for use.