Christmas roses should be planted in frames with plenty of soil. This is a far better plan than leaving them out of doors, where the snowy flowers soon become splashed or smutted.

Give some mild stimulant twice weekly to bouvardias and cinerarias whose flower-spikes are coming on.

Violets must have plenty of air, also lately-rooted bulbs and lilies. The lights should be removed from frames of rooted cuttings on all mild and open days.

Put stakes to pots of mignonette. Auriculas must be watered carefully.

Frames should be protected from frost by a packing of straw or leaves. See that all glass is in a perfectly watertight condition.

During wet weather, the inside painting of glass-houses can be done, woodwork and tools repaired, mowing-machines taken to pieces and thoroughly cleaned, fresh labelling attended to, stakes bundled, etc. Plans can also be made for rotation of crops, and for fresh planting or other improvements next year.