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English girls are greatly to be congratu-lated, first, on having borrowed so graceful and exciting a pastime as lacrosse from their Canadian cousins; and, secondly, on the speed at which they have learned to play a difficult game with grace and skill.

Girl votaries of lacrosse wax most enthusiastic in praise of the game. It is no whit less swift or exciting a game than hockey, and, as a woman's pastime, it is far more suitable, because it is played with a soft ball, and because all rough play is severely penalised by the laws of the game.

Schoolmistresses commend the game because it does much to counteract s t o o p i n g shoulders and poking head, which too often are the outcome of hard study, an d whic h hockev can do comparatively little to remedy.

Lacrosse induces a splendidly free and upright carriage, since the greater part of the play takes place in the air, instead of, as in hockey, on the ground. It is, therefore, rapidly becoming customary for the game to be played at the bigger girls' schools and colleges throughout the kingdom during one of the two winter terms, while hockey is played during the other.

Many girls living in or near London were so loth to give up their favourite winter game on leaving school or college that the Southern Ladies' Lacrosse Club was formed, with Lord's Cricket Ground as headquarters.

The subscription is 6d. per annum, and there is a 3s. entrance fee for new members.

The members meet at the practice ground a t Lord's every W e d n e s -da y afternoon from October to May. and on Sat urdav afternoons teams picked from the members of the club plav matches against various girls' schools or lacrosse clubs within easy reach of town.

The right way to pick up the ball

The right way to pick up the ball