Required: One pint of milk.

Two ounces of Carolina rice. One ounce (or more) of sugar. Quarter of an ounce of butter. Grated nutmeg or any flavouring.

Thickly butter a pie-dish. Wash the rice and put it in the dish with the sugar, milk, and butter left after greasing the dish; add also flavouring, or, if preferred, merely grate a little nutmeg on the top. Put the pudding on a baking-tin in the oven, and bake it as slowly as possible from two and a half to three hours. The slower the cooking, the richer and more creamv the pudding will be.

When it is time it should be done, raise a corner of the skin and take out a grain or two of rice, and judge by tasting if they are sufficiently cooked.

If, through cooking too fast, the pudding seems to be too stiff, pour in a little more milk under the skin, and stir it into the rice with the blade of a knife inserted under the skin, and let the pudding go on cooking.

N.B. - It is poor economy to purchase inferior rice, for it will never make good creamy puddings.

Condensed milk does admirably for puddings, but, when used, less sugar is required.